Greenfield alderwoman, nurse saves three lives this year

NOW: Greenfield alderwoman, nurse saves three lives this year

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Greenfield alderwoman was heading to get some groceries on Monday. Instead, she saved someone's life.

This isn't the first time the civil servant saved a life, and CBS 58 was there for the reunion of hero and victim.

"There's the beautiful lady," said Linda Lubotsky as she went in for a hug.

"It's good to see you. Thank you so much," said Cindy Shakula in the embrace.

With arms still locked, Lubotsky replied, "Oh my God, you're welcome."

Lubotsky and Shakula are actually meeting for the second time. But Shakula doesn't remember anything about their first encounter.

"The last thing I remember is Linda standing over me. She said she was with me for the whole time," said Shakula.

"I kept watching her thinking, okay any minute now I'm going to have to start CPR," said Lubotsky.

Lubotsky didn't even get inside of the grocery store.

"There was all broken glass here, so I pulled in, told my 16-year-old, 'Stay in the car with the baby. Lock the door,'" said Lubotsky.

Just as Lubotsky pulled up to the store, she saw a woman laying on the pavement. As Shakula loaded groceries in the trunk she collapsed and was knocked unconscious when her head hit the trunk and then hit the pavement.

"I had her arm on my lap because I didn't want her arm on the ground was just so hot. So I had her arm on my lap and I was holding her head, rubbing her forehead, telling her, 'it's okay,'" said Lubotsky.

CBS 58 interview Lubotsky in April when she saved two men in two separate car accidents within six months. Shakula is the 3rd person she saved in the past year.

The Greenfield alderwoman and nurse stayed with the woman for 40 minutes until the ambulance arrived.

Shakula was released from the hospital on Wednesday with only a few bruises. She still doesn't understand the events of the day...

"I was not feeling good, and I was stumbling all of a sudden I could not walk anymore. I went to the ground and I don't remember anything... I knew there was someone else besides the paramedics and stuff, but remembering everything we talked about, I don't. Maybe I will, but right now I don't," said Shakula.

One thing she will always remember is her guardian angel.

I am just so grateful for this girl because if it wasn't for her I might not be here... My girlfriend said, 'Cindy, you've got a guardian angel,'" said Shakula.

The two met again after the alderwoman left a note on Shakula's windshield. Lubotsky never got to reunite with the two other men she saved.

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