Greendale police and protesters differ on why Black man and children were arrested

NOW: Greendale police and protesters differ on why Black man and children were arrested

GREENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Monday night in Greendale, dozens of people gathered outside police headquarters, demanding answers after a Black man and three children were arrested Sunday afternoon for disorderly conduct.

Police officers met with the family to talk about how the events were handled. But there are two very different accounts of what happened: one from the family that was arrested, and the other from Greendale police.

A woman named Angelica says she is the aunt of the boy who was attacked. She said, "My nephew, my sons, they were pretty much handcuffed and put in a jail cell. Questioned by police officers."

It started Sunday afternoon, when several Black children were selling candy in a Greendale neighborhood. One was allegedly attacked by several white children on bikes.

Police were called, but the department says an adult with the victim became "belligerent," and said they "would take matters into their own hands."

Officers checked the area for possible suspects, but the adult and several of the children - including the victim - drove around for two-and-a-half hours looking for the suspects.

At one home they accused a teen of taking part in the assault, but home security video proved that teen was at his home when it happened. Police say the adult did not leave the property after being warned many times, and was arrested for disorderly conduct. Police say the children interfered, were warned, then taken into custody.

Angelica said, "They had handcuffs so tight, he was screaming. He even got into the back of an ambulance handcuffed. If he’s a victim, why is he being treated like that?"

But police say the children were disorderly and resisted arrest, and damaged the inside of a squad car.

Still, protesters say it should have been handled differently. Chanese Knox said, "Children were harmed. By the law enforcement that are supposed to be protecting us."

Police say the man was released after he was cited. All three children were released, then taken by ambulance to a hospital at their request.

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