Greendale mom overcomes breast cancer in time for Mother's Day

GREENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Just weeks after giving birth to a baby boy in 2020, Erin Czarnota was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just weeks prior, her mother was also diagnosed with cancer.

"We couldn't believe it. In a way, we kind of chuckled because we were like, what? We don't have a history of it in our family and we both got it at the same time. It was just surreal."

Being a new mother, Czarnota says she fought like a bull to beat the cancer so she could be there for her new son. Her team of doctors at Aurora West Allis Medical Center, including Dr. Nicole Zaremba, leapt into action to get her the treatment she needed. 

"I had to control my emotions because I had to listen to everything the doctor was telling me. But the first thing out of my mouth was 'I just had a baby.' And she said 'I know, and you are going to be there for your son, you will be here, you will see him grow up." 

Czarnota says that even if someone is scared of getting a mammogram, you have to go so doctors can catch it early. She says the doctors will be a "team of angels" who will do everything they can to help you make it through. 

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