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Green Bay Packer Ty Montgomery shares the importance of adoption at tonight's event

He grew up with more than one dozen foster brothers and sisters.

Tonight, Packers Ty Montgomery is encouraging others to step up and give a family to those who don't have one.

"It is very important to give our kids stability, something to hope for, something to have faith in."

Ty was the keynote speaker at tonight's "Gift of Adoption" event in Milwaukee. More than 400,000 children in the US do not have permanent families.

Ty says he and his wife plan on fostering.

He told us many people talk about adopting but many times, back out and decide to make a donation instead.

"Donations are always good, always welcome, but if you can give a kid a home to me that's just so much more important."

Proceeds from Tonight's event went to "Gift of Adoption."

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