Green Bay and Dallas Fire Chiefs Wager for Packers, Cowboys Game

Green Bay Metro Fire Department Chief Dave Litton has reached out to Dallas Fire-Rescue Department Chief David Coatney to place a friendly wager on Sunday’s NFC Divisional Playoff matchup between the cities’ beloved Packers and Cowboys.

The wager entails the losing team’s fire chief install a smoke detector branded with the winning team’s logo in their office. Further, the losing team’s fire chief will be sent the winning team’s t-shirt and hat to wear.

“Sunday’s matchup between the Packers and Cowboys should be one for the ages,” said Chief Litton. “Regardless of who wins the game, our collective goal is to raise awareness of the critical importance of working smoke detectors in the home to prevent fire fatalities. With that said, I look forward to seeing that beautiful green and gold Packers smoke detector hanging over Chief Coatney’s desk!”

As part of the wager, The Buff Project, a New York City-based fire safety organization and distributor of officially licensed NFL Team Identified Smoke alarms, will donate 50 NFL licensed team-branded smoke detectors to each of the fire departments to use in their fire safety outreach efforts. Also, during the NFL playoffs, for every NFL team-identified smoke detector sold on their website, The Buff Project will donate one smoke detector to that city’s fire department.

“Spreading fire safety awareness, including stressing the importance of having working smoke and CO detectors in the home is an important initiative for our department,” said Chief Coatney. “Even when the Cowboys win the game, both cities win in terms of fire safety awareness.”

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