'Great sadness': Death of Queen Elizabeth II felt in Milwaukee

’Great sadness’: Death of Queen Elizabeth II felt in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Queen Elizabeth's sudden death is being felt around the world, including in Milwaukee.

"It's the end of a long era," Wade Thrall said.

Thrall studied abroad in England in the 70s. He said his family has always been fascinated by the Royals.

"I'm interested to see what the new king will be like," Thrall said.

Another diner at Three Lion's Pub on Thursday told CBS 58 she has family who lives overseas in the United Kingdom. She said her uncle once met Queen Elizabeth II.

"I think she was a wonderful woman," Barb Traudt said.

Traudt says the world can learn from the Queen's selflessness.

"Great sadness," said Michael Pink, sharing his reaction to the Queen's passing.

From England, Pink is now the artistic director for the Milwaukee Ballet. He recalled meeting the Queen at a gala in London, and told CBS 58 he often worked with Princess Margaret and Princess Diana.

"She really has put her role and her responsibility as Queen above all else, including her family, and I think that's a testament of somebody who has a real sense of duty and dignity," Pink said.

Pink said he thinks history will remember Queen Elizabeth II as one of the great female monarchs.

"She is a true servant of the crown," Pink said.

Although he expected her death, Pink said it came much quicker than many thought.

"There was a beautiful moment, when I saw a picture today of a rainbow over the top of Buckingham Palace. I thought there we are, her spirit, she's reunited with her prince," Pink said.

Customers at the Three Lion's Pub told CBS 58 they ordered either a pint or fish and chips. Just their small way of raising a toast to the legacy of Her Majesty the Queen.

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