Grandmother shot in her home

Criminals came knocking on the door of an elderly Milwaukee couple. The shooting happened at midnight. A 71-year-old woman, Ramona Maldonado, was hit.

\"When I got up I heard the door, they were banging on the door, that's when I got off the couch.\"

Soon after her husband Jose Del Vaya looked through the window and a man started shooting. The couple thought the man was coming in to rob the home.

They describe the two men as Hispanic, in their early 20's. They say one was looking in the door and the other was at the curb.

Maldonado says, \"I then put my hand on my side and I felt blood.\"

The woman drove herself to the hospital and her injuries were not life threatening.

The couple has 18 children, and 46 grandchildren and say they're happy to be alive. They hope their shooter goes to jail for \"playing with our lives.\"

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