Grafton Police Department now allows 'safe haven' in lobby

GRAFTON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Grafton Police Department has announced changes to allow people in need to find safe haven in their police department lobby. 

The Grafton Police Department has installed emergency door locks in the lobby vestibule that will enable a person to lock the exterior doors and provide them with safety. When a person presses the button to lock the doors, an automated message will be sent to the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center notifying them of someone in need of assistance.

The person that has locked the door can open the door from the inside by pushing on the exit bar. Only authorized persons can open the door from the outside while the door is locked. Police recommend that anyone who uses the Safe Haven feature stays in the vestibule until emergency officials have arrived.

A phone in the vestibule connects directly to the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Dispatch Center. 

The safety measures are only activated when the Police Department lobby is not staffed.

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