Graduation Day at the Milwaukee Police Academy

A day of pride and congratulations at the Milwaukee Police Academy.

Although the Director of Training warned these newest additions to MPD that they'll always be training.

"There's a whole lot of work coming up and I know you'll be successful," Deputy Inspector Terrence Gordon told them.

The 26 men and six women in this recruit class have just completed nearly six months of training at the academy.

For the next three months it's field training.

"This is about how you treat people," Mayo Tom Barrett said. "As human beings, all of us want to be treated with respect."

Chief Ed Flynn also addressed the officers and their families. 

"When our young officers hit the streets, they will collide with reality," explained Chief Flynn. "On the streets, good and bad is not always easily discerned."

Chief Flynn warned the recruits that they will have to fight growing cynical. He told them to rely on each other and their training to remain professional and urged them to keep hold of the idealism that inspired them to sign up for police work.

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