Governor Walker Releases Welfare Reform Act Plan

NOW: Governor Walker Releases Welfare Reform Act Plan

Governor Scott Walker is on a state tour of sorts today introducing a welfare reform package called Wisconsin Works for Everyone.

Governor Walker was joined by Senators Alberta Darling and Duey Strobel for the introduction of the package.

The initiative is essentially an extension of former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson's W-2 initiative from back in the 1990's.

Walker said the goal is to increase the work force and keep unemployment rates down.

Unemployment is currently at 4% in the state.

Governor Walker said it is the lowest in state history.

The proposal is expected to increase investments in jobs and skill training for those who are unemployed or lack certain skills.

It will also address barriers such as eliminating the benefits cliff in child care subsidies.

The governor said can leave families financially worse if they take a raise or work more hours.

It will also tie into housing development and help those with disabilities wanting to work find jobs.

Overall the governor called his plan a "pathway towards success."

“We fundamentally believe that public assistance should be a trampoline, not a hammock. By that I mean we want to help people get back into the workforce, not be settled into assistance. not just because it's good for taxpayers, not just because it's good for employers ,who I have mentioned have been overwhelmingly asking for our help to get more people into the workforce, most importantly it's good for the person,” said Walker.

Governor Walker did not say how much the initiative will cost in the budget.

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