Governor Walker ready for second term, looks ahead

Governor Scott Walker will take the oath of office in Madison Monday morning.  He starts his second term after winning his third election in four years.  

He's poised to move forward with many of the goals he's been touting during his re-election campaign. Walker's priorities focus on three areas - the economy, education, and state infrastructure. He says he wants to keep growing the economy and developing the state's workforce, reforming and transforming education, and investing in infrastructure.

He's likely to focus on those issues in his inauguration speech Monday in Madison. The Governor also outlined how he wants people all across Wisconsin to experience their version of the American dream - whatever that may be.

\"For some people that's as simple as having their own career, having their own job, for others its owning their own home,\" Walker said. \"For maybe even a few out there it's starting up their own small business. For most of us, particularly those with children, it's making sure our children, and some day our grandchildren have a little bit better life than we've had.\"

He also touched on a possible presidential campaign.  He's been rumored as a possible candidate for the Republican nomination. Walker says all of that depends on how the state of Wisconsin does under his leadership.

\"As the state continues to get better, so will my prospects, and vice-versa,\" Walker said. \"If the state's falling apart, I'm no longer a candidate or would-be candidate. Whether it's two years from now or less, whether it's six years, or whether it's many years into the future, my prospects very much tie into how the state's doing.\"

The inauguration ceremony starts at 11:00 at the State Capitol in Madison.

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