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Governor Walker reacts to Marquette poll results, defends attack ads

 MADISON -- At an event with his supporters in Madison, Governor Scott Walker said he is not surprised polls show he and expected democratic challenger, Mary Burke, are in a dead heat.


\"We believe Mary Burke is running from her record.\" Walker said as he quickly brought up an issue he says voters should know about.


\"She personally profits from today a company that took taxpayers money at the state level and sent jobs overseas to places like China.\" Walker said.


He defended his campaign's two most recent ads that accuse Burke of getting rich by outsourcing jobs when she was an executive at Trek Bicycle Corporation.


\"We believe largely until now she's been given a free pass. Since that's an issue that's barely been touched on by the media, we figured if the media isn't going to provide that information to the public then we're responsible for bringing that information to the public.\" Walker said.


The communications director for Burke's campaign issued a statement saying in part,

\"Walker’s barrage of attacks are about one thing - distracting voters from his abysmal record on job creation as his vote, job approval and favorability continue to slip.\"

But walker says he's not running from his record, and is just trying to turn the tables back on Burke after she criticized companies for outsourcing jobs.


\"She started out with the argument. She made the case about this several weeks ago, we're pointing out the hypocrisy out of that. And going forward we're saying voters deserve to know the whole record.\" Walker said.

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