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Governor Walker concedes fight over Same-Sex Marriage

Milwaukee - The U.S. Supreme Court decided not hear appeals on several gay marriage bans struck down in recent months.

This leaves the lower court's decision overturning those bans intact and clears the way for same sex marriages to resume in all the states falling within the jurisdiction of those appellate courts.

The total number of states is 30, including Wisconsin.

Governor Scott Walker has conceded the fight over Same-Sex Marriage in Wisconsin.

\"I think the Supreme Court's decision today is clear that the position of the court order of appeals at the federal level is the law of the land.\" Governor Scott Walker.

Democratic challenger for Governor, Mary Burke also commented on Same-Sex Marriage in Wisconsin.

\"I'm glad this is the direction we are now going its unfortunate governor walker was standing in the way of this but i think the Supreme Court did the right thing.\" Mary Burke.

Wisconsin family action says U.S. Supreme Court's decision hasn't changed their work to oppose same sex marriage.

Longtime spokesperson Juline Appling says it's more about preserving marriage defined as a union between one man and one woman.

Her hope is that the U.S SupreU.S.Court takes up another state's challenge in the future.

\"You've basically said to everybody, your marriage is only what you want it to be. You can break it, you can walk out of your marriage, and you don't have to worry about your kids, your wife, or your husband.\" Juline Appling.

Supporters of Same-Sex Marriage celebrated Monday evening at the Art Bar hosted by the ACLU of Wisconsin in Milwaukee's River west neighborhood.

Austin Kieler, a sophomore at UWM spoke with CBS 58.

\"It took me a second to take it all in, and I just honestly started crying because it's so important. These are people who love each other, and not to give the same rights because they love the same gender is just ludicrous.\" Austin Kieler.

Molly Collins, associate director of the ACLU of Wisconsin told CBS 58, now that Same-Sex Marriage is legal in Wisconsin, this means equal rights and benefits for all couples.

\"It's going to take a while to iron out all of the forms and everything people need to fill out. We understand it may take the State to figure this entire out, but the basic treatment should be equal.\" Molly Collins.

The ACLU believes at some point the U.S. Supreme Court will decide on marriage equality for the entire nation after the issue is hashed out in other circuit courts.

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