Governor Walker attends Cow of the Year Presentation

Governor Scott Walker attended the Cow of the Year Presentation at the World Dairy Expo, a worldwide event hosted each year in Madison. 

This five-day event attracts dairy industry representatives from around the world. 

Last year, the Expo drew 77,204 attendees, including individuals representing 95 countries. 

The theme of the 2015 World Dairy Expo is “Dairy in Our DNA.”

“Dairy farming is absolutely essential to our economy and our state’s identity as America’s Dairyland,” Governor Walker said.  “Our dairy industry has a major economic impact in Wisconsin, contributing $43.4 billion every year.  The World Dairy Expo is a perfect opportunity to promote our dairy industry and bring together global dairy leaders to exchange ideas how we can continue to grow and improve the dairy industry.”

The annual World Dairy Expo serves as a forum for dairy producers, companies, organizations, and other dairy experts to come together to compete, as well as to exchange ideas, knowledge, technology, and commerce.  It features an extensive company trade show, which allows producers to see the latest dairy equipment and new cutting-edge technology and to collaborate with and speak directly to dairy experts. 

Included in the World Dairy Expo is the Cow of the Year award presentation.  Every year, the Wisconsin Purebred Cattle Association selects a cow to represent her breed as the Cow of the Year at the World Dairy Expo.  The honor is rotated each year among the seven major dairy breeds.  This year’s Cow of the Year is Siemers Dundee Hilda, who represents the Holstein breed.

Governor Scott Walker issued a proclamation celebrating Siemers Dundee Hilda as the 2015 Cow of the Year.  

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