Governor Walker Announces State's Transportation Budget

Governor Walker also announced today his plan for the state's transportation budget.

Governor Walker said he is keeping his promise by not raising gas taxes and registration vehicle fees and instead will adjust the dot budget

The governor said there were some misconceptions about delaying projects.

Both the I-90 project here in rock county and the zoo interchange are still scheduled to be completed on time. What will be impacted is future phases in those projects.

He said there is some good news though: Gov. Walker's solution would add nearly $70 million more for maintenance and $65 million more for local governments to work on roads and bridges. Something he called a priority.

"I hear from people across the state because they want to make sure our local roads and bridges are taken care of. They want to make sure our system is taken care of and a few key areas like I'm standing in here no it's important for us to move forward with this projects,” said Gov. Scott Walker.

Bonding levels for this budget are the lowest they've been since the 2001-2003 budget. 

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