Gov. Walker releases PAC ad

 On Wednesday Governor Walker released an ad on his Political Action Committee's website.

The PAC is called \"Our American Revival\".

Walker said that, despite exploring the idea of running, he's not promoting himself as a candidate.

\"We're not trying to get other candidates elected,\" Walker said.

The Governor insists this PAC is about the idea of taking power from Washington D.C. and giving it to states.

Gov. Walker is fresh off a trip to Iowa and said he has plans to visit other early caucus states like New Hampshire and South Carolina.

UW-Milwaukee Professor, Mordecai Lee, said Walker's actions have been a \"political strip tease,\" meaning that each day he comes a bit closer to running for President.

Lee believes people shouldn't wait around for Walker to declare his candidacy because this ad shows that he doesn't have to do that in order to run for President.

He said the ad also shows the type of candidate Walker might be, a financial conservative.

Walker said he believes all the traveling will not affect his job as Governor.

He explained it by saying that anyone who doubts that needs to look at the recall election, where he was traveling everyday campaigning.

See ad HERE

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