Gov. Evers discouraged Biden's visit to Kenosha

NOW: Gov. Evers discouraged Biden’s visit to Kenosha

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Presidential nominee Joe Biden's visit to Kenosha Thursday, Sept. 3, comes on the heels of President Donald Trump’s stop in Kenosha on Tuesday, Sept. 1. Governor Tony Evers sent a letter to the Trump campaign ahead of his visit asking him not to come. He also said he did not want Biden to visit either.

During a call with reporters Thursday afternoon, Evers was asked if he thinks it’s hypocritical he sent the public letter to President Trump and not Biden.

Evers said no, and by the time he found out Biden was coming, the former vice president had made up his mind.

As for why he didn’t want either campaign in Kenosha, he says he’s worried visits from President Trump and the presidential candidate would reignite tension in Kenosha, and put more strain on law enforcement

There were also concerns about masks and social distancing.

“I heard about Biden coming and made my position clear I did not have time to send Biden a letter, Gov. Evers said. “It’s important Trump knows there’s a masking policy in Wisconsin. When you saw them talking at the summit, no one was wearing a mask… When I talked to Biden, I encouraged him to be concerned over the same things I’m concerned about and he noted that.”

Despite saying he didn't want Biden in Kenosha, Evers' tweeted: 

“While my position on visits to our state this week hasn't changed, what I saw from Joe today was a stark contrast to what I saw from President Trump earlier this week. Joe made it clear that he's the leader we need to bring kindness, respect, and empathy back to the White House.”

CBS 58 reached out to the Biden campaign to ask why they made the decision to come despite Gov. Evers’ request. We have not heard back.

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