Gov Evers attributes Wisconsin COVID-19 spike to increase in testing

NOW: Gov Evers attributes Wisconsin COVID-19 spike to increase in testing

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin Gov Tony Evers' stay at home order will become slighlty less restrictive Friday. 

Golf courses can open, and libraries and arts and craft stores will be able to offer curbside pickup. Evers said Thursday more changes could be on the way.

“We have to think of it like a dial," Evers said. "We are continuing to look at additional flexibility to be able to turn the dial down before May 26.”

After experts said the state was flattening the curve, Wisconsin saw it’s largest daily increase in COVID-19 cases Wednesday at 227, following an outbreak at a meatpacking plant JBS Packerland in Green Bay.

“Especially when they’re coming from meat packing companies that maybe aren’t doing the best practices, physical distance practices, hell yes that’s a concern,” Evers said.

But Evers says raw numbers can increase as the state ramps up testing, even if the actually rate of infection stays drops or stays the same.

“The number of positive tests divided by the number of tests given, that will help us really understand if it’s up or down,” Evers said.

Thursday saw only a slight decrease from Wednesday, at 207 new cases.

Evers says the new safer at home order is mostly the same. The state isn’t out of the woods.

“We are still asking you to limit your unnecessary trips, limit your travel to essential needs.”

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