Google celebrates Bucks championship win with fireworks animation 🎇

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin leaders, sports icons, and Deer District fans are not the only ones celebrating the Milwaukee Bucks' historic NBA Finals championship! 

Google is also finding a way to show excitement.

If you go on Google and type "Milwaukee Bucks" or "Bucks" in the search bar, green fireworks will shoot across the page! 

Go ahead and try it for yourself! 

Giannis Antetokounmpo capped one of the greatest NBA Finals ever with 50 points and a championship Milwaukee waited 50 years to win again. The Bucks beat the Phoenix Suns 105-98 on Tuesday, July 20 to win the series 4-2.

Antetokounmpo shot 16 for 25 from the field and made 17-of-19 free throws. 

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