Good to Know for Drivers: State-County Effort to Keep Our Highways Safe

AAA predicts close to 49 million drivers will travel more than 50 miles from home during the Thanksgiving holiday.  This is an increase of about a million motorists.  Closer to home, a joint effort between the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is making sure we all stay safe on the highways.

It's being done with the help of two Freeway Service Team, or FST,  trucks and a tow truck seen mainly in the Zoo Interchange Project.  Their function is to reduce congestion and delay.  They can help change flat tires or fill up your tank with gas if needed.  They are also looking out for impaired or distracted drivers.

Law enforcement officials remind everyone to not text and drive in construction zones.  You can be cited.  Also, if you have a minor accident on the highway or even break down, make sure to move over to the shoulder of the highway.  It's the law.

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