Good Samaritan Finds 11-Year-Old Walking on the Freeway Near Wauwatosa

A good Samaritan spotted an 11-year-old walking on the side of the freeway Tuesday morning and took him to a fire station, according to Wauwatosa Police Department.

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said they sent squads to check on report of child walking on freeway at 7:33 AM, but when they arrived he had left.

Wauwatosa Police Department confirmed police were called to fire station on Underwood Ave after a good Samaritan dropped the boy off after pulling over and picking him up on the freeway.

The samaritan didn’t leave a name, but police spoke with the boy.

He was 11-year-old and walked away from St. Charles Youth and Family Services which is 84th Street just off of I-94.   

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