Going over school bus safety after bus accidents

For the second time in two days, a school bus accident sends people to the hospital.

\"You have the lives of so many families when you get behind the wheel of a school bus,\" said Rebecca Knaack with Lamers Bus Company. Lamers was not involved in any of the bus accidents, but they did offer insight into the training drivers must go through. 

The Department of Transportation has issued a list of requirements for bus drivers. First, you must have your commercial drivers license.

\"If they've never driven a commercial vehicle, there are four written test they must take at the Motor Vehicle Department,\" said Knaack.

There's also a medical exam and a criminal background check, followed by training behind the wheel.

\"I don't think the general public knows what a school bus driver has to go through to get their license,\" said Knaack.

That's done in order to ensure quality drivers are driving around students.

This week, there has already been two accidents involving school buses.

A Riteway school bus driver was was involved in an accident Thursday morning off of 91st and Hampton. The bus collided with another car.

Two students were taken to the hospital with bumps and bruisers, and the person in the other car was rushed to the hospital.

Wednesday morning, there was also a bus accident, but from Lakeside. The bus drove through a home near 52nd and Mill Road. There were no students on the bus at the time of the accident. There was a man inside the home who was taken to the hospital.

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