Go to Goodwill for some Halloween help

NOW: Go to Goodwill for some Halloween help

With Halloween one week away and all the fun parties happening this weekend, the time to get the perfect costume is coming sooner than you think. Going to Goodwill is always a good option for you and your wallet.  While many trick-or-treat outfits can add up in the hundreds, many times at this store you can put something together under 20 dollars. So much of it is about creating and accessorizing.

I spent a little time at the Brown Deer location during Tuesday's morning show dressing up as "Fantasy Football" as well as "Hairy Houdini."  It's important to mention all the money raised from costume sales goes back into the mission to help those less fortunate land on their feet and even get jobs.  

To learn more about what Goodwill has to offer during the Halloween season and the services it provides all times of the year, just click here.

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