Go ahead Indulge...It's National Bagel Day

Calories counters, you might want to consider skipping today. It's National Bagel Day.  And many of your favorite bagel spots are offering free promotions, including Einstein Bros. Bagels.  This is where I spent part of my morning, learning how this breakfast delicacy is made.  Here, there are 20 varieties along with a dozen different cream cheese toppings to top off the order.

The bagel dough itself is already pre-made.  Then it's shaped, and the bottom is placed in corn meal.  The toppings are added, and then the product is baked in the oven for four minutes at 500 degrees.  And then it's time to satisfy your appetite.  

And if you are watching what you're eating, there are healthier options, like bagel thins, and you can go lighter on the cream cheese.  By the way, today is also National Pizza Day.  You might be able to even combine the two.  

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