Gloomy week will turn more pleasant for the weekend

Spinning low pressure and a stalled out front finally have moved out Iowa and are heading southeast. With the orientation of the low, and how large it is, there are still showers in the forecast today. This should be it for rain before it completely comes to an end by early Saturday morning.

It has been an ugly week with over 2” of rain in Milwaukee, and some locations a lot more. The skies have been gloomy and the temperatures have been running below average since Monday. This time of year, the average high is in the upper 70s; we will get to the 70s for the weekend, and even nearing 80 by Sunday.

If you have a pick day for the weekend to get outside, say for Strawberry Fest in Cedarburg, it will be on Sunday. It will be a beautiful day with sunshine and high pressure with seasonal temperatures. Saturday will be fine as well, just more cloudy and a touch cooler!

As meteorologists, we are always looking ahead, and a swath of 80s will rear into Wisconsin by Tuesday through next weekend. Great timing with Summerfest kicking off on Wednesday!

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