Glendale Police seeing increase in car chases

NOW: Glendale Police seeing increase in car chases

GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) – Some Milwaukee suburbs say they’ve seen an increase in crime, particularly chases involving stolen cars.

Glendale Police are one of several suburban departments who say they’re seeing an increase in crime and a spike in police chases.

In 2017, Glendale Police participated in 135 chases. In 2016 the number of chases was 85 and in 2015, it was 50. Four years ago, that number was less than 10. 

Officer Todd Lynch with Glendale Police says that a large number of police pursuits are ended because the chase isn’t worth endangering officer and neighbor safety.

“If it is something more significant, an armed robbery, anything more serious like a violent felony, we absolutely will pursue those people much longer,” Officer Lynch said.

Glendale Police say one way to lower the numbers could be harsher sentences for young and repeat offenders.


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