Glendale police officer exposed to fentanyl responding to overdose call

GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Glendale police officer was exposed to fentanyl during a call for an overdose on Friday, Feb. 21. 

Police responded around 8 a.m., to the River Woods Outpatient Center on River Woods Parkway, for a report of two unresponsive people in a vehicle in front of the building. 

Officials believed the two had overdosed on narcotics. 

Glendale police officers, River Woods medical staff, and North Shore Fire Department administered several doses of narcan, and were revived. One of them was transported to a nearby hospital while the other refused additional medical treatment. 

While questioning the driver, Glendale police say an officer was exposed to fentanyl. The officer was evaluated at the scene but did not require additional medical attention. They have since returned to duty. 

The driver was taken into custody for unrelated charges. 

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