Glad You Asked: Why so many Burlingtons?

Our Burlington in southeast Wisconsin is home to many great things including Chocolatefest and Tony Romo but it is far from the only Burlington in the country.

How many Burlingtons are there?

Glad you asked.

There are 27 Burlingtons in the United States (28 if you count Burlington city and town as two different things).

The most populous Burlington is Burlington, NC with more than 50,000 people. Our Burlingtons have about 17,000 between the two.

Our Burlington is named after Burlington, VT (as are the Burlingtons in Iowa, Kansas and Ohio) but no one knows exactly how that Burlington got its name.

Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner is from Burlinton, IA. Actress and comedian Amy Poehler is from Burlington, MA. Ulyssess S. Grant lived in Burlington, NJ during the Civil War.

There are also 4 Burlingtons in Canada.

While Burlington is up there in terms of most common place names in the country, 'Washington' holds the title for top most common name. Wisconsin has a Washington in Eau Claire County, Washington Island in Door County, a Washington County and a Port Washington.

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