Glad You Asked: Why don't they knock down that old barn?

Glad You Asked: Why don’t they knock down that old barn?

Today's Glad You Asked question has to do with those old barns and outbuildings you see dotting the Wisconsin landscape. Some of them old and rotting, some of them crumbling in. The question is, why doesn't that farmer or property owner get rid of that old, spooky barn?

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"It's still up because I'm slowly taking it down." said Ethan Sippel, owner of an old barn with a caved in roof in West Bend. "I don't want to just knock it all down at once. I want to try to save the boards on the facade as much as possible.

Ethan and Cassie Sippel inherited an old barn when they bought their new home earlier this year. They believe the barn has been in disrepair for decades.

For the previous owners, it had to do with priorities.

"They put their money into the house." Sippel said. "They redid the bathrooms and did a lot of stuff in there rather than stick it into this old barn."

The Sippels are knocking it down themselves, slowly. In part to reclaim the wood, and in part because it's a perfect backdrop for Cassie's photography business, Shadow Photography, LLC. It makes for some rustic senior pictures.

This is just one story. CBS 58 talked with another homeowner who said he's been trying to get someone to come out to knock his down but he's having trouble getting contractors to complete the job.

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