Glad You Asked: How do you know which side your gas tank is on?

Glad You Asked: How do you know which side your gas tank is on?

Is there a way to find out which side of your car your gas tank is on before you embarrass yourself at the gas station?

If you already know, you might be surprised how many people don't know this. It's a great tip.

Glad You Asked.

We asked a Ford product specialist at the Chicago Auto Show:

"All of our vehicles, on the center dash right there," said Sean Downey. "Have a gas logo and there is an arrow pointing either to the left or the right to indicate which side the gas cap is on."

He was talking about Fords, but it was the same in every car we checked at the Auto Show from Mercedes to Cadillacs to Mini Coopers to Toyotas (though not the 60s Batmobile). Pretty much every new-in the last few decades-car has an arrow next to the gas pump symbol near your gas gauge to tell you which side to pull into the gas station on.

Now, whether you just bought a new car, are renting one on vacation or switching between a work vehicle and your vehicle, you'll know where the gas tank is at a glance.

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