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Glad You Asked: How do cars get in and out of the Milwaukee Auto Show?

When the auto show ends, or before it begins, how do they get the cars in and out?

The main show area is on the 3rd floor of the Wisconsin Center.

I'm Glad You Asked.

"When the show closes at 6:00, probably 2 minutes later they start driving the cars out," said Jim Tolkan, president of the Automotive Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee. "So then it's a traffic jam! Everyone is lined up, one car at a time. Especially the cars on the third floor, up and down an elevator."

The elevator, the hallways and the doorways are all tight fits

"If you're driving the car, it's downright scary." said Tolkan.

Tolkan says the main show floor on the third floor is actually the easiest room to set up. There are big doors there.

"Now if it's going into a little side room or a little corner," Tolkan said, "Or in a little room where the doors are much smaller, literally you got maybe an eighth of an inch on each side of the door to wiggle in the car."

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