Glad You Asked: How can we save money on gas?

Glad You Asked: How can we save money on gas?

With gas prices soaring, Glad You Asked answers the question: how can we save money on gas?

Most experts say there are three things we can do.

1. Find the best deal.

    Use Gas Buddy or Waze apps. They list the cheapest prices in your area and on your route.

2. Be efficient.

    Get the best gas mileage you can. Often the most overlooked way to do that is to check your tire pressure. Make sure your tires are fully inflated and you'll get more miles per gallon.

3. Find rewards.

    Places like Kwik Trip and Shell have loyalty programs that'll save you a few cents a gallon. And check some other places you frequently shop. Pick n Save just launched a new fuel rewards program with BP in November. You get points for shopping, double points on weekends. For example, if you spent $100 a week on groceries every Saturday in May, you could've saved 60 cents a gallon at the end of the month.

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