Girls Pint Out unites Milwaukee women who love craft beer

MILWAUKEE-- Every girl in the room seems to have her signature drink, whether it's an India pale ale or a dark porter, but you won't find a girl that wants a martini with this group of women.

As they gathered together at Milwaukee's Uber Tap Room, all the women at the table are serious about their local brews..

\"I think it's been a boys club for a very long time and we're here to be like 'no, no longer,'\" said Maggie Skinner.

Skinner is the founder of Milwaukee Girls Pint Out.

\"I said, 'hey, how do I get this started?' She's like, 'YOU get this started,' so I was like 'okay! I'll do this,'\" said Skinner, recalling her conversation with women at the Girls Pint Out headquarters in Indiana. 

Girls Pint Out is a national organization for women who love craft beers and serving their community.

Skinner enlisted her friend Margaret Platt to help her start the Milwaukee branch.

\"I said 'Well, that's great! Let's start it up here in Milwaukee,\" said Platt.

Beth Riefe also joined the effort.

\"I'm not ashamed to order a beer when some of my other friends are having a cocktail,\" said Riefe.

Call the organization, a sisterhood for women who are more about their ales, stouts, and lagers.

 \"This one, it's kind of got a little, a little nutty, smokiness to it, it's a little more malt heavy, it's not going to be like hops,\" said Vanessa Gleason, as she nursed her pint of porter.

Gleason is part of Milwaukee Beer Society.

\"It's a lot more men than women,\" said Gleason, referring to the demographic in Milwaukee Beer Society.

Gleason has no problem hanging with the guys, but sometimes, you need that girl time.

\"I'm excited to be here, and my girls who all come with me to beer society are excited too,\" said Gleason.

The founders of Milwaukee Girls Pint Out says there's plenty of fun in store for the next few months. 

\"We plan to do yoga down at the lake, for one event, meet at breweries and do tours,\" said Platt.

They say it's about fun, great company, and finding your new signature pint.

\"Sometimes you just want to go for a drink with the girls,\" said Skinner.


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