Get ready for more than 80 new menu items at the 2022 Wisconsin State Fair

NOW: Get ready for more than 80 new menu items at the 2022 Wisconsin State Fair

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- State fair is one week away! 

While people love the music, competitions and rides, the food is always a crowd favorite. There are more than 80 new menu items this year. 

 "It's about the food. And let's have fun. You know, see where it goes," said the Miller Lite Pub and Grill executive chef Ashley Turner. 

Vendors and fairgoers look forward to the Sporkies competition every year. Vendors create unique, wild and fun dishes to win the 13-foot golden spork.

It's already been narrowed down to eight finalists out of dozens of crazy, delicious submissions this year. On Tuesday, August 2, a panel of celebrity judges will choose just one. 

"If you win, watch out!" said Kristin Hueneke. "Your tents going to be crazy." 

CBS 58 got a first taste at some of the finalists Thursday morning, July 27. 

Lakefront is bringing a vegetarian option with Black Bean Burrito Balls. They're filled with beans, corn, cheese and more. Plus they're fried in Hot Cheetos. 

Slim McGins mixed things up with a drink this year. It's called the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte, and it uses cereal milk. 

Freese's combines the Wisconsin classic Brandy Old Fashioned with a s'mores for a treat.

And reigning champion Miller Lite Sports Bar and Grill once again mixed together savory and sweet with the Sconnie Slugger. 

"We're using a Crueler crusted batter for this dish. But I went full Wisconsin on it," said Turner. "So, it's cheese curds, bratwurst and a German sauerkraut." 

Fairgoers can also vote on their favorite Sporkie entry at the fair August 4 through August 10. 

Seven days before the festival, the wonder-fair wheel was slowly going up too. Wisconsin State Fair expects one million people over the 10 day fair. 

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