Get a ride with "Trivia Transport" to win 100 Grand!

NOW: Get a ride with “Trivia Transport“ to win 100 Grand!

If you rideshare with either Uber or Lyft in the Milwaukee area, you might be in for a big surprise.  You could be one of the lucky ones who gets to ride in "Trivia Transport." This Chrysler Town & Country mini van has been on the streets for a year and a half and is similar to the "Cash Cab" concept.  But in this case, creator and driver Peter Little gives away 100 Grand candy bars instead of real money.

"Trivia Transport" is decked out in hundreds of LED lights, and there are plenty of sound effects for when you win or lose.  You have to win three consecutive questions to get the treat.  I attempted to play live during the morning show on Wednesday.  I will tell you this, a lot of the questions aren't easy. If you're interested in actually ordering this mini van, click on this link.  

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