Germantown couple look for dog who went missing after crash

A dog named Kiwi is missing after a car accident resulted in a window crash and he ran away Thursday morning at 8:30 AM in Germantown. 
Germantown Police responded to a vehicle accident at the intersection of Mequon Road and Country Aire Drive. One of the vehicles involved had three German Shorthaired Pointers inside. As a result of the crash, a window broke, and one of the dogs ran away.
The missing dog belongs to Roger and Shirley Hojnacki of Germantown. The missing dog’s name is Kiwi, he is 4 years old. He may have a collar and tags or just a training collar. Due to the severity of the crash, it is possible Kiwi is injured. 
If you see Kiwi, please contact the Germantown Police Department at 262-253-7780.
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