Gearing Up for The Millionth Winter Storm!!

(West Allis)--Icy means dicey on area roads. So work crews are prepared for what's possibly coming on Thursday. This means drivers need to be on guard as well. It's advised to slow it down and add at least ten to fifteen minutes to your drive time if you can. And while you're at it, make sure to clear your storm drains as a way to be prepared for the upcoming rain as well.

Fitz Frazier is expected to be busy tomorrow as well. His company, Winter Services out of West Allis, will be responsible for plowing some 58 million square miles of parking lots across the area if the snow starts piling up. It's been non-stop for him and his crew all winter. He still has a ration of salt to use for the rest of the season but some of his competitors aren't so lucky. It's the basic law of supply and demand. Many municipalities and cities have a 20 percent \"reserved\" supply of salt on top of what they order. So a lot of smaller plowing companies and contractors are really feeling the pinch.

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