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Ga. woman has misbehaving son, 10, "arrested"

(CBS NEWS) In an effort to teach her 10-year-old son a lesson, a Georgia mother called police to report the boy was disrespectful to his teacher and had authorities place him in cuffs, reports CBS affiliate WRBL.

Chiquita Hill says she wanted to scare her son - so she called 911 and asked officers to pretend to take him to jail.

\"I wanted something to hit him,\" she told the station.

Hill says her son had been talking back to his fifth grade teacher and hadn't been doing his classwork.

The teacher had contacted Hill about her son's misbehavior.

\"I was sitting there trying to decide how am I going to discipline [my son] because previously disciplinary actions didn't work, obviously, so I made it up in my head I'm just going to call the police,\" Hill says.

Hill took pictures of officers placing her crying son in handcuffs and posted them to Facebook. Some online users are comparing her to Toya Graham, the Baltimore mom who forcefully pulled her 16-year-old son away from the Baltimore riots and was touted by some as \"Mom of the Year.\"

Hill says she can relate to Graham.

\"She had to do what she had to do. I saw in her a mother loving her child and that's her only son, so I understand,\" Hill told WRBL.

Hill says officers assured her that her son was never in any danger.

Columbus police say that while they're always willing to help anyone, it's important to keep in mind that they are extremely busy.
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