Fundraiser held for Racine family who lost loved one to cancer

A caregiver says Maria Lopez Rojas  passed away from stomach cancer earlier this month leaving behind a 4-year-old and two middle school aged boys. Those who knew the family can't believe she's gone but are happy to see a community coming together to support the ones left behind. 

Crystal Watts, one of the boys' teachers,  set this fundraiser up and hundreds of Racinians flooded in to Culver's to donate. A nurse who cared for Maria tells us the three boys are now in the care of their father and a former teacher says the community is doing whatever they can to support him in this tough time, including many who have never met the family.

\"I understand he's overwhelmed. How could he not be? He has to take care of the boys.,\" said Racine teacher Katie Nelson. 

Community member Lauren Simon doesn't know the family but wanted to help the cause. 

\"It just seemed like a good opportunity to help out this family. I know if my family was in the same situation I would appreciate people coming out,\" said Simon.

Culver's has fundraisers multiple times per month and one employee tells us it's the most people she has seen come in for an event in a long time. 

The restaurant is donating 15 percent of the night's sales to the family, and the owners of the Racine Culver's are making their own donation to the family as well. 

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