'Friends'-themed coffeehouse opens in Twin Lakes

NOW: ’Friends’-themed coffeehouse opens in Twin Lakes

TWIN LAKES, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The popular sitcom "Friends," is the inspiration for a new Twin Lakes coffee shop.

Cup O' Joe held its grand opening Thursday, Feb. 20. The coffeehouse has a room full of "Friends" memorabilia, but the most unique is an exact replica of the couch. 

But the coffee shop wasn't always meant to be themed. It went viral before it even opened, when people caught wind that the owner wanted to add an orange couch, kind of like the one from "Central Perk."

"It was on the radio, it was on the news, and Marcus Theatres called us the following week and asked us if we wanted the Warner Brothers couch that they had," owner Deena Prestininzi said. "So once we had the couch, we knew we had to decorate it like 'Central Perk.'"

Donors helped the coffeehouse pay for an official replica of the iconic couch and the shop donated $11,000 from the fundraising effort to Children's Wisconsin.

Cup O' Joe plans to have live music, open mics, trivia nights, a variety of food and of course, great coffee.

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