Friends of crash victims speak about his life

MILWAUKEE -- \"A laugh to remember\" that's how friends are describing the 19-year-old who died in a fiery car crash Saturday. That crash took away Julian Hicks, his mother heard the noise, and watched on down the street as rescuers tried to pull him out.

Rachel Malone, a lifelong friend says, \"She was just curious as to what was going on as the car was on fire, she didn't know who it was until much later.\"

Friends want the public to remember Julian, not for his death, but the legacy of his life, a man with so much promise.

Celcy Powers saw him before he died, \"I'm just thankful that the last day with him was such an incredible one, happy and joyous and filled with laughter as always.\"

Off camera Julian's mother said he was exceptionally bright and could sing in several different languages. Malone says he was excited for his next chapter.

\"He was supposed to go to Columbia College in Chicago for music, he was pretty excited.\"

The family says they are still finalizing funeral plans but plan to make an announcement so the public can attend.



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