Fresh Fish Freezer Donated for Hunger Task Force at McKinley Marina

It's a small idea that will go a long way to help local families.

Local members of "The Great Lakes Sport Fishermen Foundation" dedicated a new freezer at Mckinley Marina.

It's a new place for fisherman to drop off freshly-caught fish for Hunger Task Force.

Retiree Jim Hainey came up with the idea because he often caught much more than he could eat.

"This is gonna work out real well for the Hunger Task Force and I think the fisherman really appreciate it because once in a while you have a great day there’s a lot of fish and what am I gonna do with it. so this solves problems both ways,” said Jim Hainey, Donated Freezer.

Hainey says the freezer has already started to get some good use it went in about two weeks ago and already more than 100 pounds of fish has been donated.

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