Franklin's 'Conservancy of Healing & Heritage' is a place to watch birds return home to Wisconsin

NOW: Franklin’s ’Conservancy of Healing & Heritage’ is a place to watch birds return home to Wisconsin

FRANKLIN (CBS 58)--After a long winter, the skies are busy with birds traveling these days as they migrate home to southeast Wisconsin.  One place to track them, perhaps a well known secret to many, is the "Conservancy of Healing & Heritage" in Franklin.  And during the coming weeks, there will be a few guided Spring migratory bird workshops and walks to help you with this hobby. What makes it even more special is the fact the sessions, in part, will be led by one of two local birdwatching brothers who have their own YouTube Channel.  They are Ryan and Derek Sallmann of Badgerland Birding.

The conservancy is located behind 7410 W. Rawson Avenue in Franklin.  There are two more guided Spring migratory bird walks, including April 20th and May 8th.  Each one runs from 9 until 11:30 in the morning.  You must pre-register online.  Click here to do so.

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