Foxconn trying to attract contractors

NOW: Foxconn trying to attract contractors

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- With Foxconn moving ahead with plans to build a manufacturing plant in Racine County, an effort is underway to reach out to contractors interested in bidding on construction work. 

An information session was held Wednesday morning to get the word out about what the company is looking for. 

The goal of the project was for contractors to learn more about where the project stands and to entice companies to bid on upcoming projects. 

Economic officials say they want to attract as many Wisconsin companies as possible for the construction on the liquid crystal display screen manufacturer. They need contractors specializing in areas like foundation, wall erections, electric, plumbing, and HVAC. So far, a multi-purpose building has been completed and construction on the manufacturing building will begin soon. 

"I think there has been excitement along the way, but I think really with every project we, you start to see vertical construction occurring. The excitement is more tangible and so then people can see, oh, this is for real and this is happening. How can I get involved? I think the excitement will only increase from here," said Jenny Tick, Executive Director for the Racine County Economic Development Corporation. 

The manufacturing facility for Foxconn is set to be operational by late 2020.

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