Foxconn not worth the money, voters say in Marquette Law Poll

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some students in the MATC construction apprenticeship program say they're looking forward for a chance at the Foxconn construction jobs.

"It's going to give a lot of people job opportunities, especially in the trades," said Anthony Arands, who has already worked on projects like the Northwestern Mutual Building, and the new Milwaukee Bucks Arena through the MATC training program.

Other students say 10,000 construction jobs for Foxconn means there will be openings elsewhere.

"More jobs is more jobs, so it's going to have a trickle-down effect to keep everybody busy."

MATC staff says they're doing there best to train students get jobs inside and outside the 20 million square foot facility.

"That's huge," Associate Dean David Polk said. "That's going to be a huge campus."

But not everyone is on board with Foxconn. Only 38 percent of Wisconsin voters say the jobs are worth the tax incentives the state gave out.

"Support for the investment is divided, with more people doubtful that we'll get our money's worth," Poll Director Charles Franklin said.

Franklin added one of the most telling stats is how little people in some areas of the state think Foxconn will help local business. Thirty-Seven percent said the tech giant will help local business in the Milwaukee suburbs, but only 17 percent thought it would help businesses in north and west Wisconsin.

"People think the southeast is likely the beneficiary, and their own regions are not likely to see direct benefits to business. And I think that's an economic issue, and it's also a political issue."

Marquette says they plan to release similar poll results more frequently as election season kicks into high gear.

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