Fox Lake officer's death called a carefully staged suicide

Fox Lake Police Officer Joe Gliniewicz's death was ruled by the coroner a carefully staged suicide.
"Gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community," Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Commander Filenko said. 
The Investigation: 
He had been found dead in a remote area on the morning of September 1st. 
Gliniewicz's death prompted a days long manhunt.
His death was initially investigated as a homicide. 
Lake County Sheriff's officials said 25,000 hours were used to investigate the death. Over 6,500 pages of text messages from Gliniewicz's cellphone were reviewed. 
Over 430 leads were examined in the investigation. 
Filenko was asked how they could let people honor Gliniewicz with the funeral.
"It would be irresponsible on our part not to conduct a thorough investigation," Filenko responded. 
Police findings: 
Police said some information they could not reveal because the investigation indicates criminal activity with two other individuals. 

Gliniewicz intentionally left a staged scene. Police said he aimed the first shots toward the bullet proof vest and cell phone. Gun shot residue was found on the interior of bullet proof vest. Which indicates the gun was placed underneath the vest for fatal shot, according to the coroner. 

Police's reasoning for the suicide:
The Village of Fox Lake had been doing a thorough audit of assets in the Police Department. 
The investigation revealed money was used by Gliniewicz for personal expenses including for gym memberships, adult websites, and other personal uses. Police believes Gliniewicz was worried the theft would be uncovered. 
"My gosh," said neighbor Leroy Marre.  "GI Joe went from a hero to a criminal.  It is sad."
"Can't think of him as a criminal," added neighbor Shawn McGee. "Nice neighbor to have."
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