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Four Search for Ghosts, Find Criminal Trespassing Charges

They were looking for ghosts, but now they're looking at potential jail time.

Four people are charged with criminal trespassing, after police say they broke into an old mental health hospital in Sheboygan County, searching for paranormal activity.

According to a criminal complaint, the group was led there by a video on Facebook, highlighting strange sightings at the old Sheboygan County Comprehensive Health Center. 

That property has been closed since 2002, boarded up with a steel fence, and numerous signs warning passerby to keep out. 

Police say Cody Fyffe, Brema Brema, Julian Cedron, and Lillian Fong, entered the facility on January 24th, "playing with a lock" to gain access to the building. The property owner was alerted by a neighbor, who turned over the suspect's vehicle information to the Sheriff's Department. The group later admitted to breaking into the facility, according to the complaint. 

The site has long been rumored to house unusual activity, according to Noah Leigh, founder of Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee.

     "Reports of people screaming, shadows of people in the windows taking pictures, footsteps in the hallway," he says. "But these are usually claims of people that have broken into the place so they're not going to spend a lot of time figuring out who it is." 

Leigh says he's been hoping to visit the site himself for quite some time.

     "I've looked into trying to investigate that location, but unfortunately I was not able to track down an owner to get permission," he says. "If you don't have that permission, you're technically trespassing, so we make sure that we're always staying on this side of the law." 

According to the complaint, each suspect faces up to a $10,000 fine, and 9 months in jail. 

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