Four Men Allegedly Conspired to Rob an Innocent Bystander and Fatally Wounded Her

Four men have been charged for the death of a woman in Milwaukee after one posted about the crime on Facebook.

Deanthony Bradley was charged with first degree reckless homicide, armed robbery, and possession of a firearm by a adjudicated delinquent.

Rebecca Wood was fatally shot twice on July 13.

According to a criminal complaint, Bradley posted on Facebook that he had to “cut his fro and get low.”

A witness to the crime said he believed Bradley was trying to do a drug deal when he approached a car on the 2500 block of North 28th Street.

Bradley, allegedly, pulled out a weapon and the car tried to escape. Bradley shot at the tires. The witness said that the car then veered into a tree. A woman exited the vehicle grasping her right side of her head and neck. The woman collapsed and a bystander tried to perform CPR.

Bradley allegedly ran up to the vehicle and took the victim’s purse.

Bradley told police he was being pressured by William Bounds, Jeremy Flowers and Carlando Mukes to commit a robbery.

Mukes is Bradley’s uncle.

Flowers noticed a woman pull up at the stop sign and told Bradley to rob her.

According to the complaint, Bradley told police he put the gun 5-inches from the victim’s head and demanded her money.

In the end they ended up with $20. Bounds used the money to buy NewPort cigarettes and two bags of weed.

Bounds was charged with armed robbery. Flowers was, also, charged with armed robbery.  Mukes was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.

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