Former Whitefish Bay student investigated for sexual photos

WHITEFISH BAY -- Police are investigating a former Whitefish Bay High School student after he took sexual pictures of himself and of underage girls.

Police tell us that student was arrested and is being investigated for sexual assault. It all started when several students reported harassment claims to a guidance counselor after they said a 16-year-old male student was using snap chat, texts, and social media to solicit sexual acts. He was also accused of taking naked photos of girls, and sending naked pictures of himself. 

The principal says the student is no longer enrolled at Whitefish Bay High School. He was enrolled there during the investigation.The principal says the student didn't get any punishment because nothing happened on school grounds.

Principal, Bill Henkle says, \"We did cooperate with police during the investigation as they tried to sort things out.\"

Police got a warrant for the student's phone. Police say the boy was released into his parent's custody.

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