Former UW-Madison chancellor suffers stroke

Donna Shalala, a former Cabinet secretary during the Bill Clinton presidency, is hospitalized in New York after suffering a stroke. Shalala serves as president of the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit founded by the former leader to address global issues She suffered a stroke while she was with friends Tuesday evening, Clinton said in a statement early Wednesday.

"Fortunately, she was with colleagues at the time and taken to the hospital for treatment," he said. "Initial reports are very encouraging."

Shalala's history with the Clintons dates back years. Shortly after becoming President in 1993, Clinton nominated her as secretary for health and human services, a post she held for eight years. She then became president of the University of Miami for more than a decade before joining the Clinton Foundation this year as its leader. The veteran educator was also chancellor at the University of Wisconsin and president of Hunter College in New York.

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